Brixton East 1871 is nearly 150 years old, named after the long gone Railway Station over the road. Originally a furniture warehouse which begun in 1871, it is a fine Victorian Warehouse with exposed wooden beams and original brick work. 

When the building was sold to Andrew Luckett (Brixton East 1871 owner), he continued building furniture until 2010. Soon after he created the brand Brixton East 1871 and begun hosting a variety of events from Art Exhibitions to live gigs and parties.

The building has stood two world wars, the Brixton Riots and the odd old age pensioner ram raiding the ground floor with her car!

The Brixton East logo contains a grasshopper on top which was the symbol associated with Thomas Gresham (the guy who founded The Royal Exchange and Gresham College). Apparently one his ancestors was saved by a humble grasshopper!! And because Brixton East is between two roads including Gresham Road, we were able to put both concepts into our brand.

We hope our clients can be part of Brixton East, through celebrating a special moment in their history with friends, family & Co. 

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