Additional Space - Arch One X - Rental Details
Please see hire details for the new auxiliary space next to the ground floor:

Brixton East 1871 has recently added some extra "Back of House" space to the ground floor of the venue. The space is located in a Railway Arch One X - it is connected by a single domestic doorway. The two adjacent rooms are ideal for your caterer, prep-kitchen or secret bar. This could boost seating capacity from 120 guests to 145 guests in the venue.

The space can be hired for £490 + VAT from 11:00am - 23:00 on the day of your event.

The space features:

- 24 SQ metres of extra ground floorspace.

- Independent entrance for delivery and collections via Goods Yard (timings by arrangement).

- Deep Sink for bottle washing. 

- Three phase electricity supply for catering equipment.

- Two steel prep tables and metal shelves (W2400mm x D600mm).

- Access to Chest Freezer and smaller catering room (picture below).

- Task Lighting.

- Parking for one small transit van at £55 + VAT from 11am to 23:00. 

If you wish to hire the smaller room (photo on right) at £245 + VAT (11am to 23:00),  access is strictly via the ground floor in the venue, you would not have access via the Yard unless you hire the entire catering space.

The smaller space features:

- 9 SQ metres

- Task Lighting

- Wooden Wall Shelves

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